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Your shield against ​online abuse

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Imagine a world

without online abuse

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where abusive comments are gone in less than ​a second

and racist or sexual comments aren’t left for ​fans to see

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This happens in real-time: less than a second after an abusive comment is made, it is deleted, protecting our users and the public, reducing mental impact and lowering self-harm risk.

Introducing Social Protect


SocialProtect automatically removes comments from your social media posts or pages that contain cyber-bullying, hate speech, racial slurs, porn links, crypto scams and other abuse that is common on social media.


Our users are in control: we don’t need your passwords and you can choose which categories of abuse you want blocked, or even add your own words or phrases

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“SocialProtect is a vital tool ​in the fight against online ​abuse. No sports club or ​athlete should be without it.”

Steve Menzies, Australian ​National Rugby League Hall ​of Fame

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“A person’s mental health ​can really suffer from online ​abuse with permanent ​impact. SocialProtect ​prevents this.”

Michael Cheika, Australia ​dual-code coach and ​former player

“The SocialProtect app's groundbreaking technology not only fosters community safety but also champions mental health in the online sphere. Its transformative power is truly awe-inspiring, setting a new standard for digital well-being.”

Stacey Joyce, ​Psychologist: Cyber ​Safety Mental Health ​Advocate


Key Features

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Stay in Control of Your Accounts

Easily link your social media accounts without giving up your password through an easy-to-use app, suitable for casual users through to influencers

Evidentiary Quarantine Zone

Deleted comments are saved, timestamped and maintained to law enforcement standard. These are not visible to children, but held in our admin portal for the SocialProtect team or your own admin to review

Keywords that work

Global keyword categories enabled by default include offensive, racist, sexual and spam/scam lists, but our users can add their own words or phrases at any time, while also removing any keywords they don’t want

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Protecting you and your ​followers from online abuse

SocialProtect allows you to link your social media accounts to identify and delete ​comments that contain abuse, in real-time.


If racial abuse, sexual comments, offensive language, spambots or scams are ​identified, the comment is deleted automatically, protecting you and your followers.

Deleted posts are kept in the system's Quarantine Zone in case our users decide to ​refer it to the platform or law enforcement.

SocialProtect works without humans. We don't collect your password, we can't read ​your DMs and we can't post as you.

We use Natural Language Processing and AI to help identify new abusive terms, ​changes in language and better protect our users.

Live demo. How does it work?

SocialProtect Education Hub

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Our newly released Education Hub, integrated seamlessly into the SocialProtect app, provides what families and communities need to know, when they need to know it.

Our Education Hub includes tips for privacy settings and other information about keeping people ​safe during common online activities and games.

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This makes the app essential for social media users, with constantly updated resources and settings designed to be a one-stop-resource for everything you need to know about online safety.

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Our upcoming ChatGPT style interface lets users ask questions however they wish, and our customized library of references is vetted and ensured to be accurate by our team of experts - ask a question, get a verified answer in real-time.

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SocialProtect is more than just a moderation tool, it’s a statement of values.

By supporting SocialProtect,

you’re joining a community of people

who are committed to promoting respect,

inclusivity and civility online.

You’re sending a message that hate speech

has no place in our digital conversations,

and that we can all contribute to making the internet

more positive and collaborative space.

Join us and say enough is enough,

it’s time for online abuse to be stopped


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